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 In response to the growing need for support and shelter among migrants seeking a new beginning, Lawndale has opened its doors wider than ever before. The town has made an exceptional commitment to welcoming these newcomers, ensuring they have a safe haven until they can secure a stable home.
Lawndale's decision to accept new migrants stems from a deep-rooted belief in the power of empathy and the strength of unity. The community recognizes that everyone deserves a fair chance at a better life, regardless of their circumstances. With open hearts and open arms, Lawndale embraces the diversity and cultural richness that migrants bring to the town.
A collaborative effort between the 10th District Police Station, Lawndale Community Church and additional partners has established a robust support system to aid these individuals during their transition. Upon arrival, migrants are provided with temporary housing in Lawndale's Hope House Recovery Center located at 3759 W. Ogden Ave. Dedicated volunteers and professionals work tirelessly to ensure their well-being while they are temporarily housed at the Hope House Recovery Center until they have navigated the process of finding a stable home. FOR MORE INFORMATION WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO VISIT THE LINKS BLEOW.