APTI is a dream conceived in 2010 when CCDA-Africa did a survey on its eight key principals about leadership development. The research found out that most pastors in the Nairobi’s informal settlement had not attained quality theological education and pastoral ministry. The first port of the dream was realized in 2012 when Kenya hosted a number of masters students from the Northern Seminary USA that was led by the team leader Dr. Wayne Gordon (Coach), who agreed to roll out a program of empowering the local African pastors to do ministry and missions in their land.

After much conversations with Jared Onserio. APTI director and Kibero pastors there was a great demand and call to train grassroots leaders. The first class begun in August 2013 enrolling 94 pastors and church leaders. After much reading and doing practical ministry assignments and of course with a lot of financial constraints. we are able to see 136 graduating with a higher Diploma in pastoral ministry and Christian Community Development.


The mission of the African Pastoral Training Institute is to provide basic pastoral training for local pastors in Biblical theology, practical theology and Christian Community Development.

The ultimate goal is to see transformed communities with strong servant leadership.


Untrained pastors and church leaders who come from poor churches and poor-marginalized communities. Pastors who have passion to serve God,and the community. Church leaders who implement church’s strategic plan. Youth who face a lot of challenges in making informed decisions also our program includes women who are the backbone of the family. The trained leaders will help raise our children who are the heritage of our Nation to raise them in a godly way.


Africa Pastoral Training Institute

Required Courses for Northern Seminary Diploma

BT 101 How to Study the Bible

BT 201 Understanding the Old Testament

BT 301 Understanding the New Testament

BT 401 Nurturing the Call of God, Longevity in Ministry

CD 101 Christian Community Development

CD 201 Loving Our Community

CD 301 Working with Youth

PT 101 Leadership

PT 301 Preparing and Delivering a Sermon

PT 401 The Expertise of Pastoring


• Diploma: Pastoral Ministry and Christian Community Development

4 courses in Biblical Theology

3 courses in Christian Community Development

3 courses in Practical Theology

• 14 classroom hours of teaching