LCCC ABC 7 Chicago Special

Lawndale Community Church was one of the featured churches in the ABC 7 Chicago special.


Dr. Wayne ‘Coach’ Gordon: In the early 1980’s we realized that there was no adequate healthcare for people that lived in North Lawndale. They had to go to Cook County Hospital and the wait there was three months. We were seven times the national crisis level of physician to population ratio. So we needed to open a clinic.

Dr. Wayne ‘Coach’ Gordon: The schools in our neighborhood, they’re not doing as good as many Chicago Public Schools. We’re working hard as a city to make our schools better, but what are we going to do about it? So we opened up a Learning Center back 15 years ago and now we have a computer lab and a computer tech center with a T one line and everyday after school 40 – 50 kids come over and they’re working on their homework, their working on their skills.

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‘People, Places & Things: Church and Family’┬áhosted by Harry Porterfield.

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